How to Restore Yellowing Soles using Sea Glow (Air Jordan 11)

Do you have a few pairs of kicks laying around with old Yellowing soles? Well if you do and have always wanted to “bring them back” your solution may be Sea Glow! I had a pair of Air Jordan 11 Low’s donated to me which as you can see the soles are very Yellow, I had a bottle of Sea Glow stored in my closet for several years that I never got the chance to put to use until now. It look several applications over a 2 day period with the shoes soles in the sun after each layer applied, however you must be cautious to not get the Sea Glow on the midsoles or any parts of the upper when using the product. The pictures show the end results which I think came out pretty good being how Yellowed this pair was to start with, if you use Sea Glow before your soles get to this point I would expect the results would be even better! Be sure to check the images after the jump for a closer look at how Sea Glow works! (Also please note these shoes were coming apart at the midsole before the product was applied)

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